The Skinny On Sugar

A nightmare in the grocery isle Ahhhhhhh….that wonderful snowy white stuff that titillates the taste buds and keeps you craving for more. It was called White Gold by the British. It is a substance that can make even the most strong-willed dieter, cave. Fights have broken out over that last piece of candy or spoonful of … More The Skinny On Sugar

Pretty, Easy Smoothie Bowl

When I say pretty, easy breakfast, I don’t mean “pretty easy”, or a fairly simple meal. I mean beautiful and doable, especially when you have to drag yourself out of bed to handle the day ahead of you. If you have something so attractive and delicious to look forward to, what’s stopping you from jumping…

The Smart Way to Save Money on Healthy Food

Wholesome Product. Wholesale Prices. That’s Thrive Market’s motto.  In a world where drive-thru hamburger joints and $1 pizza slices outnumber farmers markets and grocery stores, eating healthy can be a challenge. Even when you make up your mind to resist deep-fried temptation and go for a salad, you too often end up in sticker-shock. Trust me, I know how this … More The Smart Way to Save Money on Healthy Food

Summer Minestrone Soup

This “Summer Minestrone Soup“ recipe looked and sounded so delicious, I just had to post it for you. It comes from and is loaded with all kind of veggies. Super healthy, especially if you go organic and non-GMO. Give it a try and let us know what you think! Diane Morgan, Cooking Light AUGUST 2015 … More Summer Minestrone Soup

Healthy Eating and Its Effect on Chronic Inflammation and Joint Pain

We hear an awful lot about joint pain and chronic inflammation these days. It used to be only old people had sore joints. Now even young people are complaining. What’s going on? Normally inflammation is the body’s defense system, but when it gets out of control, we have an overactive immune response and too much inflammation. Some of the results … More Healthy Eating and Its Effect on Chronic Inflammation and Joint Pain