My favorite fruits and their benefits

Summer is coming to a close but fruit is always great! Best place to buy fruit is from a farmer’s market or a stand that sells organic produce.

My Journey to Wholeness

Fruit is one of the joys God gave us. Not only is fruit delicious, it’s healthy. Because of the heavy use of pesticides, it is important to buy organic whenever possible. One thing we need to learn here in America is that fruit is seasonal. If you want a particular fruit year round, it is better to freeze or can it when it is in season rather than buy it off-season from another country where it may be GMO fruit. I have a NutriBullet and make the best smoothies. Fruit-it does a body good!


10371952_457786474356536_401677077590127870_nI love cantaloupe! Since cantaloupe is 89 percent water, it’s also the perfect fruit to help with hydration during those hot and sticky summer months (when it can be easy to become dehydrated). Researchers have recently measured the carotenoid contents of six different California-grown cantaloupe hybrids and discovered that their beta-carotene content can reach levels as…

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